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Ask the Minister (ATM)

Sometimes during our bible studies we get questions that cause us to detour from our scheduled lesson. This is where the ATM (Ask The Minister) comes in.

You may be wondering.....How does the ATM work?

1.  If you have a bible question, please feel out the form below. 

2.  We will present your question to either our Sunday or Tuesday night bible class, one week before our discussion

3.  As a group we will research the topic and come prepared to discuss our findings with supporting facts from the bible.

4.  The Minister will provide a lesson on the topic

5.  This will help each one in the class dive deeper into God's word and get a better understanding of the word.   

6.   All questions will be announced anonymous. 

Have a blessed day.

L. Marshall Moultry



Ask The Minister Form

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All personal information is kept anonymous

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